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Vinyasa Earth, Rajasthan

23rd September '24 - 2nd October '24

Early Bird Ends soon !!






7Dancers X   7Film Makers X   7Actors


Empowering Artistic Expression

Welcome to the Abhyaasa Residency at Vinyasa Earth, located in the tranquil outskirts of Rajasthan, Jaipur. This exclusive 10-day residency brings together 3 professional mentors and  21 talented artists—7 dancers, 7 cinematographers, and 7 theatre artists—for an immersive and collaborative experience. Designed to foster professional growth and creative synergy, Abhyaasa offers a unique opportunity to learn from distinguished mentors, work on multidisciplinary projects, and rejuvenate in a serene environment. Join us at Vinyasa Earth and empower your artistic journey with a transformative experience.

Our Appraoch

Professional  |  Exclusive  |  Impactful

4 people practicing movement in a open studio


Abhyaasa offers a rare opportunity for artists from diverse backgrounds to come together, collaborate, learn from each other, fostering a rich environment of creative exchange.

A couple enjoying salsa


With a limited number of spots available, Abhyaasa ensures an intimate and focused environment where participants receive personalized attention and meaningful interactions.

A male cinematographer shooting while a lady following him

Expert Mentorship

Participants benefit from the guidance of experienced mentors in their respective fields, providing invaluable insights and enhancing their artistic skills.

A dance class in an open studio


Through intensive workshops, collaborative projects, and immersive experiences, participants have the opportunity to enhance their artistic practice and take their skills to the next level.

A lady practicing hand movements

Immersive Learning

The residency takes place in the tranquil surroundings of Vinyasa Earth, providing an inspiring backdrop for artistic exploration and personal growth.

A lady finishing her handmade clay pot.


Abhyaasa is not just a residency—it's a transformative journey that promises to leave participants refreshed, inspired, and empowered to take on new artistic challenges.


Michael Maurissens

Michael Maurissens is a Belgian performer and filmmaker based in Germany. He founded the MichaelDouglas Kollektiv, a dancer’s collective that focuses on the development of collective creation methods fostering dialogue at the interfaces to disciplines such as communication, architecture, choreography and conflict resolution.

His films explore the role of the body as an archive and his interdisciplinary approach has enabled him to produce films and engage in meaningful cooperations in China, Japan,
Uruguay, Tanzania, India, Benin, Morocco, Palestine, Italy, Switzerland and Senegal.

Michael Maurissens

Mentor Michael Maurissens filming a Rajasthani lady
Mentor Elya exploring movement in a field

Elya Osmanova

Elya Osmanova is an Azerbaijani dancer, actor and a writer based in New York.

She is a versatile artist, who has a background in Latin dance, Afro Cuban dance, House, Contemporary and Physical Theatre. Elya has trained with companies such as Bathsheva Dance company, Nadine Bommer Dance & Be Moving.

As a dancer & an actor she has worked with artists such as Grammy award winner Tim Young, Sun Kim, Iva Gocheva, Najla Gilliam, J9 Dance, Elsa Nilsson, Deepak Chopra, and many others.

She has taught & performed in countries such as  USA, Azerbaijan, Turkey & Ecuador. Elya is a traveling artist who is passionate about building a community in all parts of the world while using her art.

Sankalp Sharma

Sankalp Sharma founder of Vinyasa Earth is a Dancer and Choreographer. His training includes Terence Lewis Company India, Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance (NYC, U.S.A), Peridance Capezio Center(NYC, U.S.A). He is trained in Contemporary, Modern (Graham Technique , Horton technique, Simonson) and Ballet. 

He is a diploma holder in Contemporary dance from Terence Lewis dance company where he started his first professional dance training and Professional dance Career.

He moved to NYC in 2015 for his further training in Martha Graham School. After studying Graham technique for a year he took a transfer to Peridance Capezio center to explore different ways of movement and contemporary Dance. 

Rachel M. Hettinger, Vivake Khamsingsavath, etc.
He is been teaching in India since 2017 in different states and companies like Danceworx Gurgaon, Nritya Shakti (Mumbai), LFRD (Bangalore), Flux (Bangalore), (Gurgaon), Danceinc (Ahmedabad), Jungle Dance Theatre (Goa), etc.
He also organised Scholership Auditions in 2020 in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore to Study in Peridance Capezio Center (NYC)

Mentor Sankalp Dancing against a wall

Jainil Mehta

Jainil Mehta, a 24-year-old dancer and choreographer from Mumbai, India, began his dance journey at the age of five. He has worked with the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company and is now a freelance teacher and performer based in New York City. Recently selected as a choreographer for the Playdate Residency, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, Jainil has choreographed four major productions. Trained at Shiamak Davar International for thirteen years and a summa cum laude graduate from the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance, Jainil has a diverse skill set and has worked with renowned choreographers. With over 295k Instagram followers, he is known for breaking gender stereotypes, particularly through his #Meninskirts trend. Jainil has taught dance globally and aims to create an accredited higher education dance program in India, focusing on global exchange and interdisciplinary learning to help dancers develop their unique artistic identities.

Gopal Agarwal

With over a decade of experience in Contemporary, Jazz, and Ballet, Gopal began his journey with three years at The Danceworx in Delhi/Noida (2009-2011) and earned a Diploma in Dance with Distinction from the Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute in Mumbai (2011-2013).

Professionally, Gopal has been an assistant instructor at The Danceworx and faculty for professional courses at the Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute, where he also lectured on American Modern Dance. In 2015, he founded Dance Inc. India, where he currently serve as the Artistic Director.

Gopal has directed acclaimed productions like "Karshati" and "Namah," and has spoken at IIM Ahmedabad. He has conducted workshops at institutions such as Revive Studios Delhi, St. Xavier's Mumbai, and Nirma University Ahmedabad. As Director of the Certification In Movement Arts (CIMA) program, he has hosted notable dance teachers.

His expertise includes creating their movement vocabulary "MI-Movement Intelligence," and choreographing contemporary and jazz pieces that blend technique, emotion, and creative expression.


Mentor Gopal posing on a dance floor

Application Process


Email us your resume and a 1 min video of your work (dance/theatre/film) at


We will shortlist the candidate. You will receive an email of shortlisting and link to book your seat.


Once your seat is confirmed, you will receive a invitation email for Abhyaasa.

Pre residency Virtual Session

If you are seriously planning to work on your artform and nurture it at this residency but have doubts, you can join this session with the mentors to get all your questions answered. Yuo can also shoot your question on the chat and we will make sure that it is answered in no time

Residency Fees


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Dormstay / Cottage stay


Workshops, Mentorships

Earthen cottage named Chandrama at Vinyasa

Per person ₹40000/-


Tuition + Cottage Stay

Interior of a bunk bed Dormitory at Vinyasa

Per Person  ₹25000/-


Tuition + Dorm Stay


Send an email for installments/EMI payments




There is a fascinating potential for experimentation and creation in the interaction between movement and filmmaking.
From the initial idea to conceptualisation, from rehearsal to preparation, to shooting and final editing, this format offers participants the complete experience of making a short film: from the initial idea to the final edit. 


One will practice

  • To explore and engage in the relationship between the body, its surrounding and the camera

  • To work collaboratively on a creation project

  • To research, conceptualize and develop ideas, visual language & image composition

  • To plan and to coordinate an entire video production (concept, preparation, production, post-production)

  • To manage time and resources 

  • To perform for the camera

A lady posing for the camera looking upward in the sky with awe
A hand rolling over a tree branch

Physical Theatre

Dance theatre is storytelling that's deeply connected to one's voice and body. It is purely inspired by people and the environment we are surrounded by in that moment and space.
Our day during this intensive will start with Gaga-inspired free flow warm up to get acquainted with moving together as well as finding a deeper pleasure within movement & sound.


Dancers will dive deeper into.:

  • Character research & storytelling through various sequences such props, given words & partnering.

  • Exploring the differences between a chosen movement, the movement that's inspired by an inside as well as outside source.

  • Guided floor work exploration that will also explore 'falling'

  • Partnering techniques

  • How to dive further into storytelling while given a specific choreography

  • Final choreographic routine together as a team

Supported by

Partnership Opportunities

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Join us in supporting the next generation of artistic talent by sponsoring Abhyaasa, a premier residency program that brings together dancers, cinematographers, and theatre artists for a unique collaborative experience. Your sponsorship will provide invaluable opportunities for young artists to innovate, connect, and grow in a transformative environment. Benefit from brand visibility, positive association with the arts, and exclusive engagement opportunities. Partner with Abhyaasa to make a lasting impact on the creative community and inspire the future of artistry.

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  • What can I expect from the daily workshops?
    Each day begins with workshops led by experienced mentors, focusing on skill enhancement and deepening artistic understanding.
  • Are there opportunities for collaboration during the residency?
    Yes, participants engage in collaborative projects in the afternoons, where they work together on multidisciplinary pieces.
  • Is accommodation provided during the residency?
    Yes, accommodation is included in the residency package. Participants stay in comfortable lodgings at Vinyasa Earth.
  • Are meals included in the residency?
    Yes, nutritious meals are provided to participants, ensuring they have the energy to fully engage in the program.
  • Can I apply if I'm not from India?
    Yes, the residency is open to artists from around the world. However, participants are responsible for arranging their own travel to Jaipur.
  • What should I bring with me to the residency?
    Participants should bring any necessary personal items, along with materials relevant to their artistic practice.
  • How do I apply for the Abhyaasa Residency?
    To apply, visit our website and fill out the online application form. Be sure to submit any required materials, such as a portfolio or resume, by the application deadline.
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