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Artist Escape

An abode for all artists

Sankalp Sharma (Founder, Vinyasa) envisions a space for artists where the stay, studio and stage are all in one place so that the artist need not worry about acceptance, roof, food or travel and focus all their energy and soul in their art. Vinyasa is the partial reality of this vision. It becomes whole with the artists flourishing in it.

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Be an artist

An artist for us is anyone who creates. An artist can span from a painter, musician, dancer, writer to a cook, designer, gardener, yoga practitioner. An artist for us is a person who believes they are an artist and they create art. If you are still not sure, DM us on instagram.



You need to have an intent that you need to achieve with respect to your art while your stay at Vinyasa. Your free stay is on us in return for your commitment to your art. We take NO ownership of your creations. Are you courages enough to commit to your art?


Community stay

It is important that you understand the dynamics of a community. Mutual respect, high tolerance and gratitude towards fellow community members and nature is of utmost importance at Vinyasa. This is NOT a vacation, it is an Ashram.

Application Process

Art is worship for us, and we want to make sure that the art community in the residency respects that. We want to keep the process short but rigorous, after all, its all going to be transforming and worth it.

Step 01.

Express your interest by applying

Step 02.

Send us your goal that you want to achieve.

Step 03.

Book an interview slot

Step 04.

Pack your bags for Vinyasa

01. Apply for Artist escape

Vinyasa's artist escape program offers community dorm stay to artists so that they can practice their art and live it to its fullest. Artists will only be only charged for food (3 wholesome meals).

The minimum residency period is 15 days and the cost of food is INR 500/- a day (INR 7500/-).
Anything below 15 days will cost INR 900/-.
If you commit for over a month, we are happy to discount you for your commitment to your art. There is no stated maximum period for the residency.

Vinyasa has open gates for ALL ARTISTS WITH ALL ARTFORMS.

Since we have limited spots that we can host, we just want to make sure that the spot is justified and the artist gets to make the most out of this residency program. To do this, Sankalp himself will get in touch with you to onboard you in the ashram.

Not sure if you are a right fit? DM us on Instagram.


Escape Application

We have got your application.You must have received an email for step 2. If not, let us know at

An error occurred. Please make sure all fields are entered correctly.You can also reach out to

Share with an Artist

Know an artist who would love this space? Share this page with them and help us welcome them into our creative family!

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