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Jal - Water themed Earthen cottage

Experiential Stay in Jaipur

Jal' envelops one into the womb of water, with its wave like structure within the room. Its most attractive feature is a droplet seat that invites you to sit in its cocooned embrace.

Jal exterior window

Special Features

Water droplet seat

Seating space

The spotlight of Jal, this seating makes you feel the coziness of how a butterfly might feel in a cocoon. One can sit in this womb for hours. Facing the window, the natural light from outside makes you feel open while the closing in curves of the sear makes you feel yourself. 

The seamless wave


The only cottage on property with a roof that resembles a wave and makes you feel the vastness of the room.the waved pivots around the center and seamlessly joins its origin. It is truly a piece of architecture.

Stone cob


A part of the sidewall is made out of stone cob. Not only does it set the vibe of an ocean floor, but it also adds on the the cooling effect in the cottage.


Room amenities

Comfortable stays in Natural environments

Double Bed

Table fan

Mosquito net

Private Washroom

Plug points

Ambient light

Other Stay Options

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