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Prithvi - Earth themed Earthen cottage

Experiential Stay in Jaipur

Being our most spacious room, Prithvi represents Mother Earth – The ground that gives us the space to dance our way through life.

Special feature - Art of Stone masonry which has been used on the walls of Prithvi. She's probably you’re best friend during the summers as its one of our coolest cottages.

A landscape photo of earthen cottages at Vinyasa Earth

Special Features

Cool wall


Literally the coolest wal in any cottage, this is made out of stone cob and is flushed to the fence making it a significant factor to keep the temperature of the room low. As we said- literally cool!

Vayu's foundation


Prithvi supports Vayu. The interiors are very rugged and resilient, a natural building marvel to notice that one may not see very frequently across India.

The social extention


Prithvi's window opens up to seating area were most of the socializing happens. So you will always be the first one to know if some interesting discussion is floating in the artsy air of Vinyasa. Also you will end up being invited to every discussion in the seating area :p


Room amenities

Comfortable stays in Natural environments

Double Bed

Table fan

Mosquito net

Private Washroom

Plug points

Ferry light

Other Stay Options

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