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Connecting Creators

About Zariya

Zariya is a sundowner flagship event that celebrates art and the culture of art with all. Zariya in an initiative to invite all artists at Vinyasa, Jaipur and create an artsy atmosphere where everyone experiences art in its purest form. Zariya gives a platform for the art community to come together and celebrate, expose and nurture their artforms amidst a starry energetic night.

Zariya is scheduled roughly around end of October (just before Diwali). Entry passes are required to attend the event. Vinyasa has a soft corner for performing artists contributing to the Zariya vibe, hence it offers a discount or waiver on the entry fees for them. Guests/Artists can reserve their overnight accommodation at nominal costs.



28th April marks the initiation of this initiative and it is the first night where everyone at Vinyasa decorated it like a beautiful Indian bride. Vinyasa is light and the main highlights that brought light to this night are as follows-
1. Ice breaking 
2. Bachata - Artist or Audience, we blurred these lines by opening up the dance floor to all. Everyone socialized like they were long lost friends
3. Open Mic - an open platform for all literature art where we noticed words that made us laugh and words that made us retrospect


A lot happened on the night of 29th October that could be shared. While out amazing Ice breaking session has become a tradition by now the top three experiences you should definitely know are -
1. Drum Circle - Artist or Audience, we blurred these lines by letting everyone have their own djembe. Together we uncovered the music of collaboration as the djembe vibrations filled the air with energy
2. Vinyasa Dance production 

3. Folk live music and Jamming 

4. Fasion Show 


Oct 28 and 29 was sure the most lit night under the full moon. We successfully conducted our first Zero waste Zariya and joy was in the air. Highlights were

1. Artists Showcase - Various artists got a platform to showcase and sell their art 

2. Morning trek - We all hiked up to the mountain after the joyous night to view the new sun rise up in the sky 

The Zariya Vibe

The memorable artsy night of Vinyasa

Exhibit your art at Zariya 2023

Are you ready to infuse your artistry with the rhythm of nature?
Join us at Zariya - Diwali Milan 2023, an artistic celebration that echoes the soul of Vinyasa Earth! 

It's not merely an exhibition; it's a canvas for your dreams to flourish, a medium to nurture your artistic spirit.

Escape to Your Eco-Haven

You can make the most out of this night by booking your stay at Vinyasa

Cottage Stay

  • Double bed with mosquito net

  • Private washroom

  • Standing fan

  • Bed linen


Dorm Stay

Sunrise/Sunset facing dorm of 6 bunk beds

Availability - 26 Beds

Cost: ₹ 1000/- per person

  • 1 bed in a bunkbed

  • Bed linen

  • Common washroom

A group of people enjoying in the bamboo dormitory at Vinyasa

Twin sharing, themed earthen cottages

Availability - 6 Cottages

Cost: ₹ 2000/- per person

You missed this one!

But no worries, you can check other events or be in touch with us on Instagram for updates

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