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About Vinyasa

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Anything that you witness around possesses some form of art. Well as very rightly said, you need an aesthetic eye to see art in some of the simplest, humblest things that life has to offer you.

We at the VINYASA are a team of art connoisseurs from all around who come to together bring out the artist in you. We join hands in creating a liberating and a coming of age arena for budding artists under the aegis of veterans so that the process of learning always remains a two way street. With art, we also aim to work towards the goal of rejuvenation and growth via various experiences and exercises with the bounties of our mother Earth.

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Meet The Team

Become a Volunteer

We are always in search of volunteers who align with what we do at Vinyasa;  especially during the time of an event. We offer a 3 month volunteer program where we offer free dorm stay and meals(subject to period of volunteering) to our volunteers in exchange for their skills that helps us nurture Vinyasa together. 

If you have any of the following skills and imagine yourself at VINYASA, fill in the alongside form and we will get back to you.

  • Design (Graphic/wall art)

  • Photography

  • Cinematography

While the above is what we are actively looking for, if you believe you could contribute to VINYASA, feel free to shoot out the details to us so we need not add on to the list and reach out to you directly.

Volunteer Application

An error occurred. Please make sure all fields are entered correctly.You can also reach out to

We have got your application. Meanwhile, you can connect with us on Instagram to be a part of Vinyasa's growth story :)

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