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Agni - Fire themed Earthen cottage

Experiential Stay in Jaipur

"I colour you pink through the fiery light of my passion and creative force."

Agni has a vibrant quality to it that spreads wide with a sofa area and the unique feature of a bathtub.

It’s green roof under the shade of a tree, is the perfect spot to spend all day.

Interiors of the private bathroom of agni with a bath tub in natureal pink light.

Special Features

Tinted sunlight


A stunning feature that one could possibly not miss experiencing Agni. The pink tinted patch of the roof makes full justice to the name of the cottage - 'Agni'. It definitely sets the vibe.

Pseudo drawing room


The largest seating space among all the cottages, this is designed to perfectly host a handful other guests and chitchat as the evening passes by. If not much of socializing, then you can definitely lie your back on the earthen seating al=nd let yourself sink in the earth.


Bathing tub

A luxurious bathroom in a Jaipur village? that is as good as a dream come true and in Vinyasa you get exactly that!


Room amenities

Comfortable stays in Natural environments

Double Bed

Table fan

Mosquito net

Private Washroom

Plug points

Ambient light

Other Stay Options

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