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Chandrama - Moon themed Earthen cottage

Experiential Stay in Jaipur

"Connect to the moon and she will show you how to celebrate all the phases of life."

Like the name suggests, Chandrama is graced by the presence of the moon and its rays through a circular sky light. Its A spacious room with a seating at the window to sit and enjoy a cup of chai.

Earthen cottage named Chandrama at Vinyasa

Special Features

Self sustained


Chandrama has a reciprocal roof that not only supports itself but is also a living roof. Truly self sustained, isn't it?!

Indoor-Outdoor blend


Chandrama has a window with a seating for two attached that opens up on the outside. A perfect spot for a couple to live the moments with each other while simply appriciating the presence of your partner



Chandrama's reciprocal roof has a circular skylight that lights up the entire cottage throughout the day and also on full moons! A must try divine experience.


Room amenities

Comfortable stays in Natural environments

Double Bed

Table fan

Mosquito net

Private Washroom

Plug points

Ambient light

Other Stay Options

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