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Dev Seervi meditating in a class

Hi, I am


A Bit About Me

A dancer by heart and a yoga practitioner, I am on a self transformative journey accepting what life offers me, the way it offers. These experiences allow me to enable others with transformations and help them acknowledge and express gratitude to all things in life. While these pathways are hard, it is my constant effort to make it fun and meaningful.


As a passionate lifelong learner, I thrive on sharing my experiences and the wealth of knowledge I've gathered over the years through the art forms I love to perform. My mission is to create art that not only inspires but also helps people discover new ways of moving and exploring their emotions through movement. I am dedicated to bringing out the inner child in everyone, encouraging them to feel alive and fully present in the moment.

I am a professional dancer and choreographer with over eight years of experience in a diverse range of Western dance forms, including hip-hop, house, afro, breaking, krump, and lite-feet. My journey in movement doesn't stop at dance; I am also a certified yoga teacher, having completed a comprehensive 500-hour training program. My yoga practice encompasses pranayama, yoga therapy, meditation, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Hatha yoga.

Beyond traditional dance and yoga, I have devoted over a year to mastering various body movements, flow techniques, and body awareness exercises. Currently, I am pursuing certification as a Dance Movement Therapist(DMT), driven by a desire to help others heal and grow through the power of movement.

My goal is to guide people in reconnecting with their true selves, fostering a sense of joy and presence in their lives through the transformative art of movement.


2019 - Present


Trained over 2,000 students in dance and movement, fostering skill development and artistic expression.

2024 - Present

Project Kalakar

Choreographed and mentored 14 underprivileged children, facilitating self-discovery through movement. Their performances included the Rajasthan International Center(RIC), with further city engagements planned.


Guiness World record

Organized and choreographed a hip-hop performance for over 1,900 dancers, breaking the Guinness World Record and earning a place in the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records.

2022 - 2023

Choreographer and Dancer
Kings United

Managed and assisted choreography for Kings United, performing at over 20 corporate events on national and international stages.

2022 - 2023


Collaborated with numerous artists, including Gully Gang and Honey Singh, enhancing creative projects and performances.


NBC world of dance- Season 3

Represented India as part of Kings United, winning the World Champions title on NBC World of Dance Season 3.



+91 83003 32202



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