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Bir Music Festival 

8th Dec 2023 and 9th Dec 2023

About BMF

The India Tour of Himachal’s Largest Music and Art Retreat Festival is here!

Started in the year 2020, this festival was aimed at creating more work and income opportunities in the village that was struggling during COVID. Bir, is the largest paragliding site in Asia and the second largest in the world. The main source of income of the village is the adventure and tourism. However, during the pandemic it all halted and so did the income of hundreds of people who settled here. One major setback was to the hoteliers most of who were from other parts of the country but were living here for a peaceful life and making a living from tourism. 9 months of lockdown made lives miserable and therefore, a music and art festival came into existence to get Bir a big recall and bring tourism back to the village.


Original Music


Flea market

Jamming session

Beat Boxing

Story telling

Dance Movement

Sunrise walk

Fire Show

Art Therapy

Food court

... and more

Muddy Tales

Sound Healing

Not so virgin Yoga

BMF 8.0

Line up

Papon LIVE
Arjan Singh
YUGM The Band
Anicca Project

Get ready to swirl in the tunes of great music and sway in the vibes of unique art, dance and movement therapies as Bir Music Festival is all set with its eighth edition. 

What better than the blend of true colours of Rajasthani culture and the raw vibes from Himachal. BMF Jaipur is exactly that. This season will have a never like before experience as we truly make a unique experiential retreat for two days of the festival. 

Set in the outskirts of the beautiful pink city, this season of the festival will have a fresh, raw and colourful theme. From legends of the music industry like Papon to artists with fresh, new and self created music. BMF Jaipur will present a beautiful bouquet of music. Not only this, the two day festival will have special aspects of Bir Music Festival that make it stand out from every other music fraternity. 

Sound healing, art therapy, dance movement therapy, image therapy and much more will add to the true rejuvenating experience that we are curating for you. 

This festival will not only give you great experiences and memories but will heal the inner you and replenish your hearts. 

Every moment will be full of ethnicity, originality and art. 

Afterall festivals are meant to heal, energize and fill joy into lives. 

So this 8 and 9 dec, see you in Jaipur for the most unique and fulfilling experience.

PS- This writeup comes from the BMF founder’s heart and not ChatGPT 

Your ticket covers it all

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2 Night Stay


Music event


Therapy and healing sessions

Yoga and Activities

Muddy tales

2 Days Breakfast

2 Nights wholesome vegitarian Dinner

High tea

Artist lineup

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