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Discover the Power Within

Our Spiritual Retreat offers a unique opportunity to connect with your inner self and discover the power within. Our experienced instructors will guide you through transformative practices that will leave you feeling empowered and rejuvenated.

Join us on this journey of self-discovery and unlock your true potential.


Our Special

Artist escape

Our special offering for artists who can commit to their art and want to live it to its fullest.

Our Annual Events

Event Bookings

Host your move

Building a team, want a transformative experience with your family, wish to connect with yourself or your partner more closely? Lets curate experiences for you to do that!

Still wondering to attend the event?

Vinyasa is all about celebrating the artsy side in you. Be it a relaxing stay, a calming retreat, an art event or a lively festival, we at vinyasa always want to bring out the meaningful moments that are precious to you and to us. 

These are a few events that we have organised in the past. Have a look at them and we are pretty sure you would want to be at Vinyasa on our next event. If not, let us organise an event together maybe?

Past events


26th April 2024

Hosted in Rishikesh with the presence of the Himalayas, the event the participants witnessed peace, new connections and a memorable experience in this edition of Drishti

Activities- Yoga, Forest Bath, Village walk, Meditation, Trekking Pottery, Dance with Fire Flow, sharing circle and much more.

Partner Dance Festival

14th November 2023

A 10 day Dance residency where we had amazing time spent dancing and learning all day long. A must recommended for all dancers

29th October 2023

A flagship event of Vinyasa, we invited all our connections to celebrate Diwali with Enchanting Rajasthani Folk Performances, Open Mic/Stage, Star Gazing, Music Jamming and Art Exhibition 


11th September 2023

A 10 day workshop facilitated by Raghu Raahi where we made a 10 feet wide(diameter) dome and learnt the concepts of foundation, plinth, earthbag walls, Role of compass, Roof construction, Earth Plastering, Lime plastering and waterproofing techniques.


29th December 2023

The event was filled with mindful activities led by mentors YerwantAkash & Akshay.

Activities- Yoga, Somatic Massage and Sound Healing, Cacao Ceremony, Fire ceremony, Contact Communication, Music Jamming, Intention setting for new year and much more.

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