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Last Updated: 15 Jul 2024

Welcome to Vinyasa Earth! We are committed to protecting your privacy and providing a safe and secure experience for all our guests. This privacy policy outlines how we collect, use, share, and protect your personal information.


1. Information We Collect

a. Personal Information:

  • When you make a reservation or register for an event through our website or Airbnb, we collect information such as your name, contact details, payment information, and any special requests.

b. Website Usage Information:

  • We may collect information about your interactions with our website, including pages visited, time spent on the site, and the type of device used.

2. How We Use Your Information

We use the collected information for the following purposes:

  • To process reservations and event registrations.

  • To communicate with you regarding your stay, events, or any special requests.

  • To improve our services, website, and guest experiences.

  • For marketing and promotional purposes, only with your consent.

3. Information Sharing

We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to third parties. However, we may share information with trusted service providers who assist us in operating our website, managing reservations, or organizing events.

4. Data Security

We take reasonable measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. Your payment information is encrypted and processed securely.

5. Cookies and Tracking

We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. You can control cookies through your browser settings.

6. Your Choices

You can choose not to provide certain information, but it may limit your ability to use our services. You can opt-out of marketing communications at any time.

7. Third-Party Links

Our website may contain links to third-party websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites.

8. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may update our privacy policy from time to time. Any changes will be reflected on this page with the updated date.

9. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us at [Your Contact Information].

By using our website or making a reservation, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy.


At Vinyasa Earth, we understand that plans may change. Please review our cancellation policy below for information on cancellations, refunds, and any associated fees.

1. Reservation Cancellations

a. Individual Cottage/Dormitory Reservations:

  • 1.1 Cancellation Period: Guests may cancel free of charge up to 60 days before the scheduled arrival date.

  • 1.2 Late Cancellation: For cancellations made within 30 days of the arrival date, a cancellation fee equivalent to 75% of the total booking amount will be charged.

  • No refund will be initiated for cancellation within 14 days of the scheduled arrival date.

b. Bulk Bookings (More than 12 guests or more than 7day stay):

  • 1.3 Cancellation Period: Group bookings must be canceled at least 60 days prior to the arrival date to receive a 50% refund.

  • 1.4 Late Cancellation: Cancellations made within 30 days of the scheduled arrival date will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to 75% of the total booking amount.

  • No refund will be initiated for cancellation within 14 days of the scheduled arrival date.

2. Event Cancellations

a. Individual Event Registrations:

  • 2.1 No refund will be initiated for event cancellations

b. Group Event Registrations (More than 5 participants):

  • 2.2 No refund will be initiated for event cancellations

3. Refund Process
  • 3.1 Refund Timing: Refunds for cancellations will be processed within 30 days of the cancellation request.

  • 3.2 Payment Method: Refunds will be issued through the same method used for the original payment.

4. No-Show Policy
  • 4.1 No-Show: If guests or event participants do not arrive and do not provide notice of cancellation, the full booking or registration amount will be charged.

5. Contact Information

If you need to cancel a reservation or event registration or have any questions about our cancellation policy, please contact us.

By making a reservation or registering for an event at Vinyasa Earth, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by our cancellation policy.


Welcome to Vinyasa Earth! To ensure a harmonious, safe, and enjoyable experience for all our guests, we have established the following comprehensive usage policies. By staying at or utilizing any part of Vinyasa Earth, you agree to adhere to these guidelines.

1. General Policies

a. Respect for Nature:

  • Guests must respect the natural environment. Avoid damaging plants, trees, and wildlife.

  • Dispose of waste responsibly in designated bins.

b. Quiet Hours:

  • Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM. Be considerate of other guests during these times, particularly in communal and sleeping areas.

c. Eco-Friendly Practices::

  • Conserve water and energy. Minimize waste and use recycling bins provided. Avoid using non-biodegradable products.

2. Accommodation Policies

a. Check-In and Check-Out:

  • Check-in time: 11:00 am

  • Check-out time: 9:00 am

  • Late check-out requests must be informed to reception and may incur additional charges.

b. Occupancy:

  • Do not exceed the maximum occupancy limit stated at the time of booking.

c. Cleanliness:

  • Maintain the cleanliness of your accommodation. Report any damages or maintenance issues promptly.

d. Personal Belongings:

  • Vinyasa Earth is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings. Secure your valuables.

3. Shala Open Studio Policies

a. Booking:

  • Book the Shala studio in advance for classes, workshops, or rehearsals. Usage is subject to availability.

b. Respect for Space:

  • Leave the studio clean and tidy. Remove all personal items and waste after use.

c. Footwear:

  • No footwear allowed inside the Shala studio. Leave shoes in the designated area.

4. Open Amphitheater Policies

a. Booking:

  • Book the amphitheater in advance for performances, lectures, or gatherings. Usage is subject to availability.

b. Sound Levels:

  • Keep amplified sound at a reasonable volume to avoid disturbing other guests, especially during evening events.

c. Cleanliness:

  • Ensure the amphitheater is clean and free of debris after use. Dispose of waste in designated bins.

5. Gazebo Policies

a. Booking:

  • Gazebos can be used on a first-come, first-served basis or booked in advance. Check availability with reception.

b. Respect for Space:

  • Maintain a quiet and serene environment. These spaces are intended for relaxation and small gatherings.

c. Cleanliness:

  • Clean up after use. Ensure no waste or personal items are left behind.

6. Event and Workshop Policies

a. Booking and Confirmation:

  • Book and confirm all events and workshops in advance. Full payment or a deposit may be required at booking.

b. Setup and Cleanup:

  • Organizers are responsible for setup and cleanup. Return the space to its original condition.

c. Code of Conduct:

  • Participants must adhere to Vinyasa Earth’s code of conduct, promoting respect, inclusivity, and harmony.

7. Rental Policies

a. Booking and Payment:

  • Book rental spaces in advance. Payment terms will be outlined at booking, with full payment required before the rental period starts.

b. Damage and Liability:

  • Report any damage to the property immediately. Renters are liable for repairs or replacements due to damages caused.

c. Cancellation:

  • Refer to our cancellation policy for details on cancellations and refunds.

8. Additional Policies

a. Pets:

  • Pets are not allowed unless explicitly stated otherwise and approved in advance. Service animals are permitted.

b. Smoking:

  • Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas, including cottages, dormitory, Shala studio, and amphitheater. Use designated smoking areas.

c. Alcohol:

  • Moderate alcohol consumption is permitted. Respect other guests and avoid excessive noise or disruptive behavior.

d. Health and Safety:

  • Follow all health and safety guidelines. Report any hazards or unsafe conditions to staff immediately.

e. Emergency Procedures:

  • Familiarize yourself with emergency exits and procedures. In case of emergency, follow staff instructions.

f. Children:

  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Ensure their safety and respect for the property.

g. Use of Facilities:

  • Use facilities for their intended purposes only. Misuse may result in additional charges or loss of privileges.

9. Liability and Disclaimers

a. Property Liability:

  • Vinyasa Earth is not responsible for accidents, injuries, or loss of personal belongings. Guests are responsible for their own safety and security.

b. Damage to Property:

  • Guests will be charged for any damage caused to Vinyasa Earth property, including but not limited to furnishings, equipment, and facilities.

c. Force Majeure:

  • Vinyasa Earth is not liable for any delays or cancellations due to events beyond our control, including natural disasters, strikes, or other unforeseeable circumstances.


Vinyasa Earth partners with facilitators to co-host workshops or retreats. This model allows facilitators to leverage Vinyasa Earth’s beautiful and serene venue while sharing the responsibilities and profits. The revenue is divided based on a pre-agreed percentage after deducting the costs associated with hosting the event.

1. Space and Logistics Collaboration

a. Booking and Agreement:

  • Initial Proposal: Event organizers must submit a detailed proposal outlining the event type, schedule, expected number of participants, and specific requirements.

  • Agreement: Both parties will sign a formal agreement specifying the rental costs, participant/occupancy costs, responsibilities, and payment terms.

b. Costs:

  • Fixed Rental Cost: A predetermined rental fee for using the space, including the earthen mud house cottages, dormstay, Shala open studio, amphitheater, and gazebos.

  • Variable Participant/Occupancy Cost: Additional charges based on the number of participants or occupancy levels, covering accommodation, meals, and other services.

c. Responsibilities:

  • Vinyasa Earth:

    • Provide the agreed-upon venue and logistical support.

    • Ensure the venue is prepared and equipped with necessary materials.

    • Assist with on-site management and support during the event.

  • Event Organizers:

    • Promote the event and handle participant registrations.

    • Manage participant engagement and event delivery.

    • Provide any specific materials or resources required for the event.

d. Payment Terms:

  • Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total fixed rental cost is required upon booking confirmation.

  • Final Payment: The remaining balance, including variable participant/occupancy costs, is due 14 days before the event.

  • Cancellation: Refer to the cancellation policy for details on refunds and rescheduling.

2. Hosting Collaborative Events

a. Overview: Vinyasa Earth hosts events and invites multiple facilitators to collaborate. This model allows for a diverse range of activities and expertise, providing participants with a rich and varied experience.

  • Policy Details:

  • Facilitator Agreement:

  • Initial Proposal: Facilitators must submit a proposal outlining their session content, schedule, and specific requirements.

  • Agreement: Both parties will sign a formal agreement specifying the collaboration terms, responsibilities, and compensation.

b. Responsibilities:

  • Vinyasa Earth:

    • Organize and host the event, managing logistics and overall event flow.

    • Promote the event through its marketing channels.

    • Provide accommodation, meals, and necessary materials for facilitators and participants.

  • Facilitators:

    • Design and deliver their specific sessions or workshops.

    • Assist in promoting the event through their networks.

    • Engage with participants and contribute to the overall event experience.

c. Compensation:

  • Fixed Fee or Honorarium: Facilitators may receive a fixed fee or honorarium for their participation, agreed upon before the event.

  • Revenue Sharing: Alternatively, facilitators may receive a percentage of the event revenue based on attendance and participation.

d. Marketing and Promotion:

  • Joint Marketing Plan: Develop a collaborative marketing plan detailing the promotional activities each party will undertake.

  • Consistent Branding: Ensure consistent branding and messaging across all promotional materials.

3. Revenue Sharing for Workshops and Retreats

a. Initial Meeting and Proposal:

  • Objective: Discuss the goals, expectations, and logistics of the proposed workshop or retreat.

  • Facilitator Responsibilities: Present a detailed proposal outlining the content, schedule, target audience, and marketing plan.

  • Vinyasa Earth Responsibilities: Provide an overview of the venue, accommodation options, logistical support, and potential costs.

b. Agreement:

  • Revenue Sharing Agreement: A formal contract specifying the revenue-sharing percentage, responsibilities, and payment terms.

  • Percentage Split: Typically, a percentage of the revenue (e.g., 70% for the facilitator and 30% for Vinyasa Earth) is agreed upon, but this can vary based on the specifics of the event.

  • Cost Deduction: All direct costs associated with the event (e.g., catering, equipment rental) are deducted from the total revenue before the split.

c. Event Planning:

  • Marketing and Promotion:

    • Vinyasa Earth: Use its website, social media channels, and email newsletters to promote the event.

    • Facilitators: Leverage their networks, social media, and email lists to attract participants.

  • Registration and Payment Processing:

    • Vinyasa Earth: Manage participant registration and payment processing through its booking platform.

    • Facilitators: Assist in promoting registration and answering participant queries.

d. Logistics and Setup:

  • Venue Preparation: Ensure the venue is prepared, clean, and equipped with necessary materials and equipment.

  • Accommodation and Meals: Arrange lodging and meals for participants as per the agreed plan.

  • On-Site Support: Provide on-site staff to assist with logistics, technical support, and participant needs.

e. Event Execution:

  • Facilitator’s Role: Conduct the workshops or retreats as per the agreed schedule and content.

  • Vinyasa Earth’s Role: Ensure smooth operation, handle any issues that arise, and provide support as needed.

f. Post-Event:

  • Feedback Collection: Collect feedback from participants to evaluate the success of the event and identify areas for improvement.

  • Revenue Reconciliation: Calculate the total revenue, deduct direct costs, and distribute the remaining revenue as per the agreement.

  • Payment to Facilitators: Facilitate payment to the facilitators within the agreed timeframe (e.g., within 15 days after the event).

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