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Shunya - Nothingness themed Earthen cottage

Experiential Stay in Jaipur

"I am nothing but the canvas of everything."

This room is beautifully painted with various forms of art representing a space that is open to receive the diversity of everything.


It's special feature is – ‘You’. In all your forms and states of being.

Earthen cottage named Shunya at Vinyasa

Special Features

Living roof


Like Chandrama, Shunya has a reciprocal roof that not only supports itself but is also a living roof. Truly self sustained, isn't it?!

Eventful vindow


Shunya is the only cottage that has a window opening up towards the open air theatre.

All accessible


Shunya is located close to open air theatre, reception, other cottages which makes it an ideal place to switch between indoors and outdoors quickly


Room amenities

Comfortable stays in Natural environments

Double Bed

Table fan

Mosquito net

Private Washroom

Plug points

Ambient light

Other Stay Options

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