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How to reach

The best way is to book your ride while making a reservation(dm us), but you can also book an Uber or Ola when you arrive at the airport or the railway station. 
PS: if you are a solo traveller with limited luggage, try using the app 'Rapido'


What to carry

It's a farmstay! Pack what makes you feel comfy and cozy. Summers are hot, winters are cold, you are awesome  when you take a stroll :P (in Vinyasa)


Event Check

If you wanna be all happening, check our events page and book during an event. If you want break off from the city hustle and live the slow village life then book the non-event dates.

Book your stay

Jal- droplet seat

Water themed Earthen Cottage


Earth themed Earthen cottage


Wind themed Earthen cottage

chandrama 2.jpeg

Moon themed Earthen Cottage


Fire themed Earthen Cottage

IMG_9254 (1).jpg

Null themed Earthen Cottage

Plan to stay over 2 weeks? Get a quote

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PS: Stay Prices shown are applicable only on non-event days

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