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Artist's Escape: Your Creative Haven in Jaipur

Updated: Jun 17

Welcome to Artist's Escape - Unleashing Your Creativity in Jaipur!

Hey Artistic Souls,

Artist's Escape is not your ordinary retreat; it's a canvas waiting for your imagination to run wild! Nestled in the heart of Kalwad road, Jaipur, our 26-bed dorm is not just a place to rest your head; it's a space designed for artists to thrive and create magic.

A group of artists posing for the camera in the open studio of Vinyasa Ashram
Vinyasa's Artist community

Dorm Vibes: East or West, Your Choice!

Picture this: 12 beds facing east, waking up to the golden hues of a mountain sunrise. The other 14 beds face west, offering a front-row seat to a breathtaking farm sunset every evening. Your dorm, your view - because inspiration knows no direction.

Meet Sankalp Sharma - Your Artistic Guide

Meet Sankalp Sharma, the maestro behind Artist's Escape. An artist himself (dance is his language), Sankalp believes in the liberating power of creativity. As your artistic guide, he's not just a curator; he's a kindred spirit, ensuring that art and artists are respected. Sankalp is open-minded, and his screening process is more about passion and dedication than a rigid set of rules. If you're devoted to your art, you're welcome here. As a dancer in New York, Sankalp travelled for 3 hours to get to his studio to dance, worked 10+ hours to support himself and then had a constant struggle to find stage/opportunities for his dance. Wen he came back to India in 2020, he decided to create a safe abode for artists where their food, stay, travel is taken care of and the artist can fully focus on nurturing the art and blooming as a successful artist.

This vision gave rise to Vinyasa Ashram, nestled amidst the serene outskirts of Jaipur, where you can nurture your art and do full justice to it.

An akita (japanese dog breed) sitting peacefully
Chief Emotion Officer - Coco

Daily Life at Artist's Escape

Life at Artist's Escape is a blend of creativity and community. While your art is paramount, we believe in nurturing a balanced and connected life. Here’s a glimpse into your daily life:

  • Self-Serve and Clean Up: Serve your own meals and wash your plates. It’s all about self-reliance and respect for shared spaces.

  • Meals: Enjoy three meals a day with occasional afternoon snacks.

  • Coco's Care: Meet Coco, our Chief Emotion Officer. Duties include petting, grooming, and ensuring his water bowl is full (he loves spilling it!).

  • Gardening and Farming: Engage in growing vegetables, and sometimes, help farm for our neighbors. It’s therapeutic and grounding.

  • Community Tasks: Assist in cleaning, setting up for movie nights, decorating for events, and helping with retreats. These are optional but they foster bonding and a sense of community.

These activities are more than chores; they’re opportunities to connect with fellow artists, different artforms and nature. Respect for one another is our cornerstone, ensuring a harmonious and inspiring community environment.

A group of people laughing and having fun in Vinyasa's dorm
Living in the innovation hub - Vinyasa's experiential dorm

No Cottages, Just Shared Vibes

In Artist's Escape, it's not about secluded cottages; it's about shared experiences. Our 26-bed dorm is a melting pot of artistic energy. Exchange ideas, collaborate, or find a quiet corner to immerse yourself in your craft. It's not just a place to stay; it's a community that celebrates the diverse forms of art.

The Artistic Escape: How it Works

We keep things simple. Sankalp is the gatekeeper, his criteria are more about your commitment to art than anything else. Fill out a form, share a bit about yourself and your art, and let the magic unfold. Our dorm doors are open to those who live and breathe creativity. We seek for your commitment to your art and a goal that you want to fulfill during your duration at Vinyasa. We respect art more than anything else, be it ours or yours, and we expect the same from you. You are free to stay for however long you wish to nurture your art, but we have a minimum limit of 15 days so that the logistics of affordable costs for you work for us. If this feels like your calling, just keep that faith in you and hit the application.

Ready to Dive into the Artistic Abyss?

Artist's Escape is not just a place; it's an experience crafted for you, the artist. Get your invite, and let's embark on a journey where art is the only language spoken. Because at Escape Artist, we believe that every artist deserves a stage, and every stage deserves an artist.

Let the creative escape begin...


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